A Dream of Jesus, My Friend

Written By: Dan Miller, M.A., LPC, BCPCC

Last night I recall a precious dream.
I sat on a rock by a garden stream.
A man approached to sit next to me.
I trembled when I glanced over to see.
I saw the holes in His hands that remain.
Undeniably I found His feet the same.
I lowered my head down in shame.
With authority He spoke and knew my name.
Tears ran remorsefully down my face.
He gave assurance there’ll be no tears in this place.
I knelt before His feet to confess.
I stammered and shook an absolute mess.
I felt the out pour of true unconditional love.
An inner peace descended like a dove.
A face of compassion gave a Heavenly glow.
His garment no seam appeared white as snow.
As He spoke there was such an understanding face.
I understood the significance of this place.
Surrounded by various arrangements I knew.
We were in the Garden of Eden made new.
I felt the healing sensation of the Master’s hand.
As He responded to my questions, I began to understand.
Not speaking a word, I could read by His face.
I knew my sins had been cleansed by His grace.
He would occasionally laugh yielding a smile.
I had so much to tell I rambled a while.
He conveyed true acceptance as He listened to me.
The time we spent seemed like an eternity.