Cosmic Dream

Written By: Dan Miller, M.A., LPC, BCPCC

When I lay upon my pillow
To find peaceful rest in bed
My slumber gave way to a spectacle
A Celestial landscape in my head
God revealed to me His canvas
It was a breathtaking delight
The heavens spring forth cosmic wonders
As I partake upon this sight
At times I felt as if I was there
Traversing beyond our own star
Would I ever find my way back home
Had I traveled a bit too far
Nothing was beyond imagination
There was beauty and complexity
There was order not chaos
In what He had shown that night to me
Like diamonds in the Nebula
I witnessed the birth of baby stars
I did not weep for their ancestors
For now they sing as pulsars
As He created man from dust
From cosmic dust new worlds came
He is the same now as in the beginning
He will always remain the same
Despite the vast expanse of the universe
In all He did create
I know that my tour guide
Is the Architect and Finisher of my fate
Blessed be the name of The Lord, My Savior