God’s Promise of Hope in Adversity

Written By: Dan Miller, M.A., LPC, BCPCC

Behind the laughter
Can mask the pain
Behind the tormented eyes
The sadness of inner disdain
Woe is the outcry
Of a sometimes muffled soul
Longing for something
To make one feel whole
One can attempt to escape
With some fleeting vice
Refuge in drugs and alcohol
Yet nothing will suffice
You withdrawal inside yourself
Drowning in mounting despair
Your ability to cope with life
You find is nowhere
All seems hopeless
Your fears continue to exacerbate
The shame of guilt amplifies
Causing one to isolate
God offers us hope
In Psalms 23
In was intended during our trials
To help us through adversity
We are not alone
For He stands by our side
He gives us strength
He will be our guide
He is the way
The truth and the life
He is the only answer
During our many times of strife