In the Storm

Written By: Dan Miller, M.A., LPC, BCPCC

Perish such the notion
The thought of escape
The events play out
Upon this landscape
The skies as they darken
We anticipate
The unsettling feeling
Unfolds as we wait
The storm clouds lay siege
They set the stage
In hasty preparation
Of a thunderstorm’s rage
The heavens will rumble
The earth will shake
The birds of the air
They know what’s at stake
Hastily they find refuge
They seek sanctuary
In storms like this
Feathered friends find scary
The clouds clash in chaos
They begin to radiate
As a flurry of flash bulbs
The lightening starts to illuminate
Flooding is often expected
As for that you can bet
Everything left outside
Will be drenched soaking wet
For as sudden as it arrived
So shall it leave
This is something
We have all come to believe
As God has promised a rainbow
Will always appear
For me it lets me know
He will always be near
In life’s trials
When we face our tempest blast
We can know these troubles
Will not always last
He will guide us through them
Scripture assures us is true
A promise He keeps
To each and every one of you